Stone And District Swimming Club

History of SADSC

A short history of Stone And District Swimming Club by John Shemilt

The Stone And District Swimming Club (SADSC) was formed shortly after Alleynes Swimming Pool was opened early in the 1970's by a few of the staff from the British Telecom training school in Yarnfield, a few miles from Stone. When the club had established itself at Alleynes Sports Centre, a club constitution was drawn up stating its aim was to promote all aspects of swimming and life-saving skills in the Stone area.

Swimming sessions commenced on a Saturday morning at 8:30am till 10:15am and on a Monday evening from 6:30pm till 10 o'clock.

All teachers, helpers and in the early days lifeguards in the entire 44 year history of SADSC have all been volunteers and no one has ever been paid for the time they have given.

Since Alleynes Swimming Pool was a first for the town of Stone, it proved enthusiastically popular with the townsfolk and surrounding area. Membership of SADSC soon approached 200 under 18's and 80 adults. Many of the adults were not just mature, but quite elderly. Many of the more elderly members did not have the opportunity to be taught to swim before.

The scheme to present certificates for various swimming distances and why our life saving Society amateur swimming Association and swimming teachers Association grades achieved created a lot of enthusiasm within the membership. Long-distance swims are still organised once a year. A swimming gala takes place in November every year, where the junior members take part in various races, such as backstroke, front crawl, butterfly etc. The winners receive cups and runners-up receive medals. The presentation of these trophies are made at a social evening held in February with parents and friends attending. The club is run as a non-profit organisation and members fees cover the cost of the poor hire and equipment etc.

Over the years there have been many changes of teachers and helpers and committee members this giving rise to life-saving teaching both in the water and also on dry land. Consequently this resulted in the clubs' junior members entering numerous competitions and achieving many successes. Some of the life-saving was carried out in open water in Trentham Lake, Dosthill Quarry, Tamworth and Swan Pool, West Bromwich.

There was also a time when the team was formed and entered into a local league with competitions taking place at various local Pools on a Saturday evening and unfortunately the cost of transport proved too expensive. With the introduction of the Pool lifeguard qualification in the early 1990s our teachers and some other swimming members became qualified and as a result we had no need to hire the Borough lifeguards. The qualification had to be renewed every 2 years with regular training carried out over that period. The current pool hire includes the hire of Stafford Borough lifeguards.