Stone And District Swimming Club

Welcome to Stone & District Swimming Club. The purpose of this section is to provide you with useful information about the club.


The aim of Stone & District Swimming Club is to promote the teaching and practice of swimming and lifesaving skills to all ages and social backgrounds in a fun and enjoyable way.


All club members are covered by the Swim England insurance upon payment of annual membership fee.


The annual club membership and Swim England fees are renewed in January each year. There is also an additional termly fee for junior members and a session fee due on attendance for adult members. Members failing to pay fees may be excluded from future sessions until all arrears are cleared.

The club is run as a non-profit making organisation and our costs are made up of pool hire, lifeguards, equipment and other expenses. Fees for our members are reviewed annually and they are mainly related to Freedom Liesures pool hire charges.

Child Protection

The club has a duty under the Children Protection Act to ensure that all teachers, helpers and anyone who has any contact with children during the sessions are checked and approved through the DBS (The Disclosure and Barring Service) in accordance with the ASA’s Child Protection Policy. There is an appointed Welfare Officer for the club who ensures that there is a register of all people working with children attending club sessions. If there are any concerns please see the Welfare Officer or contact Swimline on 0808 1004001 which is a confidential helpline that deals with any child protection issue.

Please remember that the club is responsible for the swimmers whilst in the water or on the poolside, but is not responsible for them in the changing rooms or outside the actual pool area. Please ensure emergency contact details are up-to-date.

The club follows the local authority guidelines on photography in Alleynes Sports Centre. It is strictly forbidden at all times through any device capable of taking photographs or videos. Group photography by a committee member of the club for promotion purposes only will ocasionally take place. If you do not want to be in any photographs involving the club, please make it clear when filling in your membership form or renewal membership form.

Equity Policy

The club is committed to treat everyone equally within the context of their activity, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

Code of Conduct

All swimmers, parents, teachers, helpers and anyone else involved with Stone & District Swimming Club are expected to adhere to the code of conduct.


•Members must abide by the pool centre’s rules at all times.

•Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and repeated offences will result in suspension from the club.

•Bullying or teasing of other members will not be tolerated.

•Members must listen and obey the swimming club teachers and lifeguards at all times.

•Members must be aware of emergency procedures to clear the pool.

•Members must not come on to the poolside prior to 5 minutes before lesson. Swimmer to sit on poolside until teacher is ready for them.

•Valuables are best left at home, if not give to a responsible adult or registration secretary – do not leave them in the changing room unless locked away in a locker. The Club will not be responsible for any lost property.


•Parents/guardians/spectators are not allowed on the poolside.

•Any problems should be discussed with the teacher, lifeguard after a lesson or via the Registration Secretary.

•Do not interrupt lesson, if at all possible.

•Check on every occasion that the session has not been cancelled before you leave the swimmer at the pool.

•Be aware of emergency procedures.

Emergency/Safety Instructions

Please be aware of the Centre’s emergency guidelines.

During an emergency Swimming Club teachers and lifeguards will clear the pool of swimmers. The teacher will remain with their class and await further instructions from the Centre’s duty officer. The Swimming Club will follow the Centre’s emergency guidelines for leaving the building calmly and quickly by the nearest emergency exit when advised to do so.

Personal Equipment

If your child chooses to wear goggles it is the swimmer’s responsibility to provide them. Valuables should be left at home or locked away in the centre lockers. Long hair should be tied up or swimming hat should be worn. Swim shorts are unsuitable for more advanced swimmers. General cleanliness should be adhered to, going to the toilet and showering prior to entering the pool.


To assist the smooth running of swimming sessions please ensure the swimmer is on the poolside five minutes prior to start of session.

Medical Information

Ensure that the Club is aware of any medical information relating to the swimmer and that any necessary medications (e.g. inhalers) are to hand.

Management of Club

The Club is run according to a constitution that is approved by Swim England. The committee is responsible for the management of the Club and is elected at the Annual General Meeting that is held in November each year. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the club in whatever capacity they wish and if they become members themselves they can attend the AGM and vote on the running of the Club.

Please feel free to approach any committee members to ask questions or discuss issues of concern or if you wish to volunteer to help.

The management of the club is in the hands of the committee.


Chairperson, responsible for the overall running of the Club with the assistance of the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Vice Chairperson, to assist the chairperson in the carrying out of his duties and to act as Chairperson in his absence.

Secretary, responsible for the smooth running of the Club’s administrative requirements.

Treasurer, responsible for the production and management of the Club’s accounts and monitoring finances.

In addition to the above there are further elected members of the committee.

Membership Secretary - Responsible for all membership matters within the Club.

Welfare Officer - Responsible for the implementation of child protection policies within the Club.

Professional Development Officer - To ensure that teachers are able to access any courses available to enhance their


Learning to Swim

Swimming is an invaluable life skill and it is an excellent form of exercise and confidence booster.

Our lessons follow the Swim England National Teaching Plan that constantly assesses the progress of a swimmer during each lesson. When the teacher is confident that the swimmer has become proficient, they will be moved to the next level and taught further skills. During their progression a swimmer will be encouraged to attempt various badges as a benchmark of their progression.

Our teachers provide a range of lessons for all abilities and all ages. We cater for those who cannot swim at all and those who have learned elsewhere but want to become better. Structures are in place to include disabled swimmers at standards appropriate to their individual needs.

Our teachers are all qualified and experienced volunteers. The club actively encourages its teachers and helpers to pass the teaching examinations set by Swim England.


Annual Club Trophy Gala:

This is normally held in November and is open to all members who

attend club sessions on a regular basis.

Long Distance Swims

Held annually, entry to long distance swims is subject to club rules, and members can progress through increasing distances.

Social Evenings

The Club holds an annual presentation/social evening to present trophies from the annual club gala and also holds other fundraising and social evenings throughout the year.


The club uses the swimming pool at Alleyne’s School, Oulton Road, Stone for teaching sessions which are split into relevant abilities.


Club Rules